The Stampe Formation Team grew out of the Tiger Club Biplane 4 of the 70's and 80's of which I was a member. When the Club moved to Headcorn in 1990, we reformed the team with 2 Stampes and 2 Tigers in the late 90's, and did a few local shows in East Kent, but the cost of operating 3 or 4 Gipsy-powered old Biplanes was prohibitive at Club rates

When I got my Stampe in the air in 1999, we realised that privately-owned aircraft could be more flexible on price, and got together to form a 3 or 4- ship display with a short solo aerobatic slot in the middle, and this is now are basic model.There are two basic formats;

  • A full formation show with a 3-minute solo slot, followed by a rejoin after a roll off the top with line-astern,reform in box for an opposition break. This lasts 10 minutes.
  • The basic routine is a 360 degree steep turn, into echelon port for a break into a tail-chase, reforming into box for a Prince of Wales break, the wing-men holding to one side while I do my solo bit. We reform from my roll off the top towards the crowd into echelon stbd, then line-astern for a 360 degree turn, reforming into box for the opposition break.
  • A slightly shortened formation display,lasting 6 minutes, with the same basic format, but after the opposition break I climb to 1200ft while the rest of the team do a couple of fly-bys in loose line-astern.I then run in to do my full solo Display, which lasts 8 minutes.

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