The Stampe Formation Team grew out of the Tiger Club Biplane 4 of the 70's and 80's of which I was a member. When the Club moved to Headcorn in 1990, we reformed the team with 2 Stampes and 2 Tigers in the late 90's, and did a few local shows in East Kent, but the cost of operating 3 or 4 Gipsy-powered old Biplanes was prohibitive at Club rates

When I got my Stampe in the air in 1999, we realised that privately-owned aircraft could be more flexible on price, and got together to form a 3 or 4- ship display with a short solo aerobatic slot in the middle, and this is now are basic model.There are two basic formats;

  • A full formation show with a 3-minute solo slot, followed by a rejoin after a roll off the top with line-astern,reform in box for an opposition break. This lasts 10 minutes.
  • The basic routine is a 360 degree steep turn, into echelon port for a break into a tail-chase, reforming into box for a Prince of Wales break, the wing-men holding to one side while I do my solo bit. We reform from my roll off the top towards the crowd into echelon stbd, then line-astern for a 360 degree turn, reforming into box for the opposition break.
  • A slightly shortened formation display,lasting 6 minutes, with the same basic format, but after the opposition break I climb to 1200ft while the rest of the team do a couple of fly-bys in loose line-astern.I then run in to do my full solo Display, which lasts 8 minutes.

Latest News

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26 Dec 2021

The Stampe Team are proud to have been featured in January's 70th anniversary edition of the Aeroplane magazine ............

Richard Meredith joins the team.

28 Oct 2021

We are delighted to announce that Richard Meredith, an experienced formation and aerobatic pilot, has agreed to join ............